About Me

I am a lifelong outdoors enthusiast with a passion for hiking, fishing, kayaks, camping, bikes, nature and everything in between. I have been kayaking in Canada and Southern Florida since I was a little boy. Some of my fondest childhood memories are canoe trips on the long lazy rivers and rocky shores of Canada. These days I really enjoy kayak fishing and taking my son out for kayak trips on the inter-coastal and in the Florida Keys. In Florida, being by the water is a lifestyle and it’s one that I enjoy very thoroughly.

I recently decided to invest in a new trailer for my kayaks and bikes and I was dissatisfied with the purchasing resources available online. I created this website to spread some of my knowledge to those curious about trailers and carriers for their boats and sporting equipment. This is the kind of resource that I intend to grow and develop into something that will help people make the right decisions based on their needs.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach me at my contact page. I always appreciate what readers have to say about my reviews and guides. Thanks for visiting and check back soon for more gear, reviews and information.