Source Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Kayak Canoe Dolley Trolley Trailer Cart Review

Transporting water sports equipment from one place to another is already tedious, even when they are already on location. From the parking lot or campsite, owners would still have to do the task of carrying the boats onto the water, which at times can be heavy and time-consuming. However, small, portable kayak cars are already available to aid this kind of chore, such as the Source Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Kayak Canoe Dolley Trolley Trailer Cart.

This trolley cart serves as a small yet reliable support in handling and transporting boats within short distances. It is foldable and lightweight, and is mainly used in trudging sports equipment down to the banks, so that users would be saved from carrying their equipment by hand.

Source Ultra Durable Canoe Carrier

Product Description

The Source Ultra trolley trailer cart is a two-wheel support mechanism that carries rowboats such as kayaks, canoes and sailboats easily from one place to another. It is made of sturdy but lightweight steel structures and rubber tires designed for long haul load.


Among the best features of the Source Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Kayak Canoe Dolley Trolley Trailer Cart include:

  • Foldable, easy to carry design. The cart is not bulky and can be folded flat and stored under the trunk or behind the backseat. Owners can take them out anytime, anywhere.
  • Two rubber inflatable tires. The tires come with a handy gas pump so that they can be inflated whenever needed.
  • Solid frame. The cart has a sturdy, solid steel frame that is capable of withstanding the weight brought by the boat.
  • Designed for non-concrete roads. The cart can be used on rocky surfaces and soft soil such as in riverbanks.

Because of its convenient, easy-to-carry nature, this cart can be used in various outdoor adventures and carry not only kayaks or canoes. It can also be used to carry tents, frames and other outdoor sports equipment that can be used during picnics or camping activities.

Source Ultra Durable Canoe Carrier


The Source trolley trailer cart has a price tag just over $50. In comparison it is much cheaper than other brands of the same type and build, thus making it very affordable. This is a great choice for families who find water sports a great weekend hobby.

Final Thoughts

Indeed the Source Ultra trailer cart is handy, convenient and easy to use, as it can accommodate various long haul equipments without falling out of balance. However, unlike other brands, the cart doesn’t come with ropes that will be used to secure the equipment on the cart. Most users prefer to have the corresponding ropes to be part of the package, as it would save them time and money to buy ropes separately.

While it can be kept in the trunk of the car after use, the cart is still too bulky to be placed on the kayak or canoe. Some users like smaller carts that will fit on their boat during their escapade, as this would save them time going back to the car just to store the cart especially when the boat is all set to go.

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