Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Canoe Carrier Kit Review

Lets face it, we all love owning kayaks and canoes because they are relatively inexpensive and a lot of fun. However, the can be difficult to transport due to its long size and lack of standard measures to have it secured on any vehicle. Most owners usually place the canoe at the back of their trucks in a slanting position or lying on the roof of their cars. Both methods do not ensure secure placement of the canoe, eat more space, and at the same time put both the vehicle and the equipment in danger.

Thankfully, Malone, a world-renowned auto rack company, has come up with a solution for this particular kind of problem in the form cart top canoe blocks. The Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Canoe Carrier Kit has everything you need to get your boat on the road, safely and economically. These specially-engineered in foam blocks are designed to secure canoe units in a steady position when placed on car roofs to prevent them shaking, trembling or falling off the vehicle.

High Quality Construction

The Malone canoe blocks are made of EVA closed cell foam, complete with the necessary 15-foot tie-down cords, 15-foot heavy duty strap, and a set of bow and stern safety tie-downs and four S-hooks, all of which are necessary for hauling single canoe units on top of the vehicle without the complicated strapping methods.


The Malone foam canoe blocks have the following features:

  • Foam blocks stick firmly on the surface of the vehicle to support the canoe and prevent it from falling off. The rubber pads on the foam blocks are also easy to clean, and they retain their sticky surface for a longer period of time.
  • Complete set of cords, clamps and straps. Users will enjoy using the straps as they hold the whole canoe securely during transport, no matter what size or width of the unit.
  • Durable foam. The foam is made of EVA material, which makes it stronger and resilient to wear and tear.
  • Lightweight and easy storage. The foam blocks come in small packaging, thus they can be stored in small spaces inside the car when not in use.


At right around $25, the Malone foam canoe blocks is one of the best canoe strap package values on the market. They have easy to follow instructions and safe methods, making long haul tasks easy to do.

My Rating

This is a great option for those who are just starting to get into kayaking and canoeing activities, and aren’t ready to spend the money on more expensive racks and trailers. If you are on a budget, you can rely on the Malone foam blocks for better transport and boat support over a standard setup for minimal investment. This is because the block kit comes complete with all the straps and security foam needed to haul a single canoe on a car.

The standard size of the blocks is great because it enables them to be used with all kinds of different kayaks and canoes.

Most of the users have been satisfied with this canoe carrier kit because in essence, all they have to do is “throw the canoe onto the car” and go. Because of the lack of complicated measures and steps, this canoe carrier kit is proven time and time again to be handy, convenient and practical. If you want an inexpensive way to transport your kayak or canoe, I highly recommend this Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Canoe Carrier Kit.

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