Boone Kayak Crib Review

I love the freedom that owning my own kayak affords. It’s light enough for to carry by myself, and combined with a good carrier system I can also get the boat to the water by myself. For that reason I often find that I am out paddling solo, taking in the beautiful scenery, getting some exercise and clearing my mind.

However, I have to concede that kayaks tend to be difficult to store. The garage is an obvious place for many people to keep their kayak, but storing them in the garage with all our other “stuff” means there is little room and the chance of the kayak A) getting damaged and B) possibly falling on one of my kids is high.
One good solution to storing kayaks is the Boone Kayak Crib. This crib set comes in two metal “paddles” (hangers) that are effective in securing a kayak to your wall. These paddles get your ‘yak off the ground, which saves space, keeps your boat safe and reduces the risk of tripping over it.

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The set of two steel hangers each have a 15-inch deep setting which is plenty for most kayaks. Each steel hanger is coated covered with foam and synthetic fabric to prevent scratching the kayak, as well as two fasteners to keep them in place.


The most popular features of the Boone blue kayak crib include:
Standard size. The standard crib size of 15 inches is essential in handling kayaks of all shapes and sizes. The 15-inch deep crib setting allows the kayak to stay in place without finding the tendency to slip.

Secure synthetic fiber cover. The metal paddles are covered with foam and synthetic fabric, making them soft to hold. Because of the cushion wrapped around the paddles, the metal bars are prevented from protruding and therefore would not cause scratches or dents on the kayak.

Simple yet flexible design. The blue color and paddle-style design offers flexibility and leniency. They not only serve as good support for the kayak’s storage but as well as decorative items, as the kayak may be placed for display without the paddles showing off.

Affordable Storage for your Kayak or Canoe

At around $35 shipped for a set of 2, the Boone Blue Kayak Crib is a very affordable storage solution. Made of high quality materials, its really a great way to protect your investment, and to keep your family safe. Plus it makes storing your kayak so much easier. I find loading and unloading from the crib to be a breeze with the oversized hangers.

The Boone Kayak Crib is best for those who are living in a tight space and are having trouble finding a permanent place to store their kayaks. I’ve handled a number of these cribs and then this one from Boone is my top choice to solve such issue.

This kayak crib is not just for your garage – it can be secured to almost any surface, interior or exterior. For those who only use their kayaks on certain occasions and would want them to be kept safely in the house, then this crib should be their top choice.

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