Yakima DryDock Boat Hitch Mount Truck Adapter

The Yakima DryDock Boat Hitch Mount Adapter is a top of the truck rack system for carrying kayaks, canoes and long loads. The hitch-mount design works with any 2 inch receiver and the adjustable height allows you to match the height of the rack with your roof rack making it easy to carry canoes and kayaks. The rack comes with stabilizing straps that hook to your rear bumper and the threaded hitch mount pin is designed to keep the rack stable. A lifetime warranty is included however tie down straps need to be purchased separately.

One thing to consider with this rack is that it is designed for longer boats. One reviewer reports that the rack won’t work with boats under 16’6″ and that he had to modify the rack to get the holes in the hitch to line up with the holes in the rack.

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