Source Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Kayak Canoe Dolley Trolley Trailer Cart Review

Transporting water sports equipment from one place to another is already tedious, even when they are already on location. From the parking lot or campsite, owners would still have to do the task of carrying the boats onto the water, which at times can be heavy and time-consuming. However, small, portable kayak cars are already available to aid this kind of chore, such as the Source Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Kayak Canoe Dolley Trolley Trailer Cart.

This trolley cart serves as a small yet reliable support in handling and transporting boats within short distances. It is foldable and lightweight, and is mainly used in trudging sports equipment down to the banks, so that users would be saved from carrying their equipment by hand.

Source Ultra Durable Canoe Carrier

Product Description

The Source Ultra trolley trailer cart is a two-wheel support mechanism that carries rowboats such as kayaks, canoes and sailboats easily from one place to another. It is made of sturdy but lightweight steel structures and rubber tires designed for long haul load.


Among the best features of the Source Ultra Durable Heavy Duty Boat Kayak Canoe Dolley Trolley Trailer Cart include:

  • Foldable, easy to carry design. The cart is not bulky and can be folded flat and stored under the trunk or behind the backseat. Owners can take them out anytime, anywhere.
  • Two rubber inflatable tires. The tires come with a handy gas pump so that they can be inflated whenever needed.
  • Solid frame. The cart has a sturdy, solid steel frame that is capable of withstanding the weight brought by the boat.
  • Designed for non-concrete roads. The cart can be used on rocky surfaces and soft soil such as in riverbanks.

Because of its convenient, easy-to-carry nature, this cart can be used in various outdoor adventures and carry not only kayaks or canoes. It can also be used to carry tents, frames and other outdoor sports equipment that can be used during picnics or camping activities.

Source Ultra Durable Canoe Carrier


The Source trolley trailer cart has a price tag just over $50. In comparison it is much cheaper than other brands of the same type and build, thus making it very affordable. This is a great choice for families who find water sports a great weekend hobby.

Final Thoughts

Indeed the Source Ultra trailer cart is handy, convenient and easy to use, as it can accommodate various long haul equipments without falling out of balance. However, unlike other brands, the cart doesn’t come with ropes that will be used to secure the equipment on the cart. Most users prefer to have the corresponding ropes to be part of the package, as it would save them time and money to buy ropes separately.

While it can be kept in the trunk of the car after use, the cart is still too bulky to be placed on the kayak or canoe. Some users like smaller carts that will fit on their boat during their escapade, as this would save them time going back to the car just to store the cart especially when the boat is all set to go.

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Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier (2 Boat Carrier) Review

Transporting a single kayak onto a vehicle can be difficult enough on its own. Of course there will be double trouble if there are two kayaks that must be transported using just one car. Sometimes securing the kayaks with ropes and cords doesn’t do the trick, as there is a greater tendency for the boats to slip and fall off during transport. The Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier eliminates that problem.

Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier

Affordable Innovation

The Malone Stax universal car rack folding kayak carrier is an innovative way of placing two kayaks on the car roof for transport. It consists of foam stacker blocks which hold the boats in place, and a pair of straps, tie-downs and clamps to hold the equipment firmly in place. Each package also comes with steel balance support to prevent slipping or skidding while on the road.


The Malone car rack kayak carrier showcases the following features:

  • Folding racks. The folding racks adjust well with every type of car, and have adjustments to accommodate kayaks and canoes of all sizes.
  • EVA-closed cell foam blocks. The foam blocks are made of sturdy foam material that doesn’t easily break when pressure is applied. The blocks are thus ideal for handling kayaks and canoes in place.
  • Flexible racks. The folding racks are also flexible and have hinges to support additional racks, which is ideal for multiple kayak transport.
  • Aluminum-nylon material. The racks are made of aluminum steel bars with molded nylon platforms which guarantee boat safety during transport.
  • Easy tie-down steps. The tie-down process is easy to do unlike that of other carrier straps.

Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier

A High Value Rack for your Canoes or Kayaks

The Malone car rack kayak carrier set costs around $115 on Amazon, which includes shipping handling. Considering the high build quality of this 2 boat carrier, I think it’s a great system for the money.

My Rating

For those who own a multiple kayaks, the Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier proves to be very convenient, as it allows up to four kayaks to be stored on the car during transport. The balance support of the carrier also promotes better weight distribution within the car, thus preventing the vehicle from slipping or skidding while on the road.

Malone Stax Pro2 Universal Car Rack Folding Kayak Carrier

Fellow enthusiasts report that two kayaks can be placed and secured on top of the car for about 10 minutes using this carrier set, making it a fast feat as compared to other kayak carrier materials. Since the frame of the carrier comes in a fold-down design it promotes low clearance, thus ensuring safer, faster driving.

Using additional straps and carriers (or another set of the Malone Stax Pro 2 carrier), up to four kayaks can be held secure side-by-side on any type of car.

Also because of its durability, most owners leave their carrier supports on the roof tops (only removing the foam blocks) so that they won’t have to reinstall the carrier each time they need to transport kayaks during trips. If a solid 2 boat carrier is what you want, I heartily recommend this Malone Universal Folding Car Rack.

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Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Canoe Carrier Kit Review

Lets face it, we all love owning kayaks and canoes because they are relatively inexpensive and a lot of fun. However, the can be difficult to transport due to its long size and lack of standard measures to have it secured on any vehicle. Most owners usually place the canoe at the back of their trucks in a slanting position or lying on the roof of their cars. Both methods do not ensure secure placement of the canoe, eat more space, and at the same time put both the vehicle and the equipment in danger.

Thankfully, Malone, a world-renowned auto rack company, has come up with a solution for this particular kind of problem in the form cart top canoe blocks. The Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Canoe Carrier Kit has everything you need to get your boat on the road, safely and economically. These specially-engineered in foam blocks are designed to secure canoe units in a steady position when placed on car roofs to prevent them shaking, trembling or falling off the vehicle.

High Quality Construction

The Malone canoe blocks are made of EVA closed cell foam, complete with the necessary 15-foot tie-down cords, 15-foot heavy duty strap, and a set of bow and stern safety tie-downs and four S-hooks, all of which are necessary for hauling single canoe units on top of the vehicle without the complicated strapping methods.


The Malone foam canoe blocks have the following features:

  • Foam blocks stick firmly on the surface of the vehicle to support the canoe and prevent it from falling off. The rubber pads on the foam blocks are also easy to clean, and they retain their sticky surface for a longer period of time.
  • Complete set of cords, clamps and straps. Users will enjoy using the straps as they hold the whole canoe securely during transport, no matter what size or width of the unit.
  • Durable foam. The foam is made of EVA material, which makes it stronger and resilient to wear and tear.
  • Lightweight and easy storage. The foam blocks come in small packaging, thus they can be stored in small spaces inside the car when not in use.


At right around $25, the Malone foam canoe blocks is one of the best canoe strap package values on the market. They have easy to follow instructions and safe methods, making long haul tasks easy to do.

My Rating

This is a great option for those who are just starting to get into kayaking and canoeing activities, and aren’t ready to spend the money on more expensive racks and trailers. If you are on a budget, you can rely on the Malone foam blocks for better transport and boat support over a standard setup for minimal investment. This is because the block kit comes complete with all the straps and security foam needed to haul a single canoe on a car.

The standard size of the blocks is great because it enables them to be used with all kinds of different kayaks and canoes.

Most of the users have been satisfied with this canoe carrier kit because in essence, all they have to do is “throw the canoe onto the car” and go. Because of the lack of complicated measures and steps, this canoe carrier kit is proven time and time again to be handy, convenient and practical. If you want an inexpensive way to transport your kayak or canoe, I highly recommend this Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Canoe Carrier Kit.

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Extend-A-Truck 944 Truck Bed Extender Review

Wild river lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts usually purchase their own kayaks and canoes in order to fully enjoy their adventures each time they go on trips. With such equipment at hand they will be able to venture through the waters right when they want to, and not spend unnecessary time, effort and money in renting rowboats for a few days.

However, one of the main issues of owning a kayak or canoe is the method of transport, as these boats are difficult to place on the car or truck due to their long size. To have this problem finally solved, the Extend-A-Truck 944 Truck Bed Extender is here to the rescue.

Extend-A-Truck 944 Truck Bed Extender


The Extend-A-Truck bed extender is a mechanical attachment that is made of lightweight steel and plastic; it comes in a sturdy frame that is ideal for various outdoor equipment, such as kayaks, canoes and as well as sailboats. This attachment is secured on the top and tail of the vehicle in order to use more space for equipment storage, so that it would not protrude or get in the way of other items to be placed for transport.

Extend-A-Truck 944 Truck Bed Extender


The basic features of this truck bed extender include:

– 4” wide support
– Adjustable height for roof top hauling
– Adjustable bed extender for different sizes of equipment
– Steady clamps to hold the equipment
– Tail flags for better vehicle recognition

Extend-A-Truck 944 Truck Bed Extender

The Extend-A-Truck bed extender weighs approximately 18 pounds, which is just right for its size and use. Because of its moderate weight, users are able to carry it on their vehicles easily without requiring extra force or slower driving speed.


The Extend-A-Truck bed extender is surprisingly affordable, at only $80 with shipping. Other bed extenders tend to cost more, and offer only limited adjustment settings which may not be able to accommodate longer equipment.

Extend-A-Truck 944 Truck Bed Extender

My Thoughts

This truck bed extender proves to be handy in transporting various items not only for kayaks and canoes, but as well as ladders, sailboats, tent frames and other structures. In most cases, these equipment are placed on vehicles in a rather inclined manner, thus eating up more unnecessary space and still cause distractions to other drivers once they go on the road. By using this truck bed extender, boats, frames and ladders can be shoved right into their allotted spaces without becoming a nuisance, leaving more room for storage and faster transport time.

Aside from its ability to accommodate various types of equipment, the Extend-A-Truck can also be used on different types of vehicles. While they most ideal for pick-up trucks, they can also be attached on sedans so that the equipment can be stored securely on the roof top without causing distractions. The structure also promotes better balance, so that the vehicle won’t skid or exert more force while hitting the road.

This extender can also be folded flat when not in use. Owners can keep it safe in the trunk or at the backseat so that it will be ready each time a new load has to be placed on the vehicle.

List Price: $95.00
Current Price: $95.00
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Boone Kayak Crib Review

I love the freedom that owning my own kayak affords. It’s light enough for to carry by myself, and combined with a good carrier system I can also get the boat to the water by myself. For that reason I often find that I am out paddling solo, taking in the beautiful scenery, getting some exercise and clearing my mind.

However, I have to concede that kayaks tend to be difficult to store. The garage is an obvious place for many people to keep their kayak, but storing them in the garage with all our other “stuff” means there is little room and the chance of the kayak A) getting damaged and B) possibly falling on one of my kids is high.
One good solution to storing kayaks is the Boone Kayak Crib. This crib set comes in two metal “paddles” (hangers) that are effective in securing a kayak to your wall. These paddles get your ‘yak off the ground, which saves space, keeps your boat safe and reduces the risk of tripping over it.

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B001IBHVPC” alt=”Boone Blue Kayak Crib 2 Paddles” src=”” align=”center” width=”160″ height=”148″]

The set of two steel hangers each have a 15-inch deep setting which is plenty for most kayaks. Each steel hanger is coated covered with foam and synthetic fabric to prevent scratching the kayak, as well as two fasteners to keep them in place.


The most popular features of the Boone blue kayak crib include:
Standard size. The standard crib size of 15 inches is essential in handling kayaks of all shapes and sizes. The 15-inch deep crib setting allows the kayak to stay in place without finding the tendency to slip.

Secure synthetic fiber cover. The metal paddles are covered with foam and synthetic fabric, making them soft to hold. Because of the cushion wrapped around the paddles, the metal bars are prevented from protruding and therefore would not cause scratches or dents on the kayak.

Simple yet flexible design. The blue color and paddle-style design offers flexibility and leniency. They not only serve as good support for the kayak’s storage but as well as decorative items, as the kayak may be placed for display without the paddles showing off.

Affordable Storage for your Kayak or Canoe

At around $35 shipped for a set of 2, the Boone Blue Kayak Crib is a very affordable storage solution. Made of high quality materials, its really a great way to protect your investment, and to keep your family safe. Plus it makes storing your kayak so much easier. I find loading and unloading from the crib to be a breeze with the oversized hangers.

The Boone Kayak Crib is best for those who are living in a tight space and are having trouble finding a permanent place to store their kayaks. I’ve handled a number of these cribs and then this one from Boone is my top choice to solve such issue.

This kayak crib is not just for your garage – it can be secured to almost any surface, interior or exterior. For those who only use their kayaks on certain occasions and would want them to be kept safely in the house, then this crib should be their top choice.

List Price: $54.99
Current Price: $61.90
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Thule Hull-A-Port 835XTR and 835PRO Kayak Carrier

Today I will be reviewing Thule’s Hull-A-Port 835XTR and 835PRO Kayak Carriers. These are both J-style roof top cradles designed for all kinds of kayaks and canoes. The difference between the two models is that the 835PRO is a foldable version of the 835XTR and is a little more expensive (the PRO is about $30 more). Aside from that the racks are nearly identical.

There are a few very nice features about these racks that have made them extremely popular among enthusiasts. First of all, they will fit on any kind of bar. This includes stock bars that came from your vehicle’s factory, Thule bars, even bars from other manufacturers like Yakima. All the hardware needed to install is included. Second, these come with heavy duty straps as well as bow and stern tie down straps. Another great feature is that everything is fully padded so you wont scratch your vehicle or your boat.

The way it works is you load your kayak into the cradle and then throw the padded strap with buckle over the top of the boat. You then thread in the other side of the strap through the buckle and tighten. Strap in the bow and stern lines and you are ready to go.

The Thule 835PRO has a couple extra benefits that I would like to quickly discuss.

So the main difference here is that the 835PRO folds down with Thule’s P.F.D. (Pull. Fold. Done.) rapid folding system. This is good if you want to leave the rack on your vehicle as it should help reduce wind resistance and overcome one of the major disadvantages of a roof rack (reduced fuel efficiency).

Another consideration is that the fold down carriers can help fit your vehicle back into your garage. We have all heard of the stories where the guy forgets he has a roof rack on and rips it off when he pulls into his garage – hopefully his kayak wasn’t attached! Anyhow, my point is this could be a major consideration if you want to keep the rack on your car, and for an extra $30, it’s probably worth the convenience.

A final consideration for these kinds of carriers is that they don’t take up a lot of space. You can easily carry 2 kayaks with this system, even on a smaller car. All in all, this is a very well thought out solution that has received a lot of praise among the kayak and canoe community.

Read More Reviews of the Thule 835XTR and 835PRO on Amazon.

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Yakima DryDock Boat Hitch Mount Truck Adapter

The Yakima DryDock Boat Hitch Mount Adapter is a top of the truck rack system for carrying kayaks, canoes and long loads. The hitch-mount design works with any 2 inch receiver and the adjustable height allows you to match the height of the rack with your roof rack making it easy to carry canoes and kayaks. The rack comes with stabilizing straps that hook to your rear bumper and the threaded hitch mount pin is designed to keep the rack stable. A lifetime warranty is included however tie down straps need to be purchased separately.

One thing to consider with this rack is that it is designed for longer boats. One reviewer reports that the rack won’t work with boats under 16’6″ and that he had to modify the rack to get the holes in the hitch to line up with the holes in the rack.

Read more Reviews on

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Pacific Outdoors Kayak and Canoe Carrier

The Pacific Outdoors Kayak and Canoe Carrier allows you to slip your vessel into the water safely and easily. Adjustable hull supports that contour to the size of your vessel can carry up to 200 pounds of weight and large, heavy-duty wheels move confidently over rough terrain, and the lightweight yet rugged aluminum construction. A nice feature is that the carrier includes a kickstand for easy loading and there are two adjustable tie-down straps to secure your boat. Best of all, the carrier folds in seconds with quick-release wheels for storage and transport, and the aluminum construction will not rust

At a Glance:
* Aluminum construction allows for 200 pounds of cargo
* Adjustable hull supports contour to the size of your vessel
* Large wheels provide easy rolling over rough terrain
* Folds in seconds with quick-release wheels

List Price: $89.99
Current Price: $89.99
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Fulton CC10127 Canoe Loader

The Fulton CC10127 Canoe Loader allows an individual to quickly and easily load and unload a canoe or kayak on most cars and trucks. Perfect for solo paddlers, this loader quickly mounts to a hitch receiver with common hand tools. A tie-down is included along with a free adapter bracket to allow use of the receiver for trailering.

List Price: $184.90
Current Price: $184.90
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Malone MicroSport 3-Boat Kayak Trailer Package

The Malone MicroSport 3-Boat Kayak Trailer is the ultimate combination of affordability, quality and design reliability. This premium built kayak trailer is designed specifically for kayaks, canoes, cargo boxes and bikes. The rust resistant galvanized steel frame can support over 350 lbs. The aluminum crossbars are equipped with two pairs of AutoLoaders and one set of self-adjusting SaddleUp Pro High Grip Sling Saddles so you can easily carry 3 boats. The load bars are also compatible with all types of gear carriers from Malone, Yakima, and Thule, while the extended heavy-duty tongue allows you to haul boats up to 19′ in length. Galvanized wheels will keep you rolling smoothly, and a full size galvanized spare wheel offers peace of mind and safety.

Easy to assemble, a breeze to use; each trailer kit comes with complete detailed instructions, as well as pre-fitted electrical, mechanical, and hub assemblies. Eliminate the headaches of loading boats, bikes and luggage on your vehicle’s roof, and save on gas by having your gear ride in your slipstream. The innovative and reliable MicroSport 3-Boat Trailer Package is perfect for transporting two sit-inside kayaks and one medium sized sit-on-top and is made in the USA.

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